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CONNECTING policies, IDEAS AND organizations

Oak Rose Group (ORG) is a mission-driven consulting firm that advances policies, ideas and organizations that lead to human flourishing. ORG works at the intersection of philanthropy, social entrepreneurship and public policy to generate meaningful improvements in education, workforce development, health, and economic mobility in communities across the country.

We promote upward mobility.

what we do

ORG partners with diverse clients ranging from philanthropists to mission driven organizations. We advise, build coalitions, lead strategic planning, implement, and provide operational excellence. In everything we do, we share a vision of a world in which each individual and family can discover their potential and fulfill their purpose.

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Create meaningful, collaborative experiences to deepen understanding, improve communication, and leverage assets to advance the mission and vision of our clients


Facilitate connections with content experts and peers to create innovative new opportunities for impact on behalf of our clients


Guide entrepreneurs as they envision something better and create new ways to improve people’s lives.

we effect change in education, workforce development, and economic mobility.

about the team

Oak Rose Group’s partners have close to 100 years of combined expertise in advocacy and coalition building, non-profit management, public policy, strategic communications, fundraising, and philanthropic advising.

Together, through their years of dedication, the ORG team has been strategically involved in raising and deploying more than $500M for philanthropic initiatives across the country.


we create space for individuals and families to grow, thrive, and fulfill their potential and purpose.

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